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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for SMEs


Blueblood Solutions combines 30+ years in IT support and management for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), with Microsoft's Azure Sentinel and Log Analytics products to deliver a highly effective, scalable and affordable Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution for SMEs. 

You don't need specialised security staff in-house, we implement the solution, and monitor and report on the security events in your systems for you.

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Are you subject to industry compliance requirements, do you need to notify of breaches? Does your business or board of directors want improved governance? Do you need to protect sensitive data, including the details you hold about your clients?

These are just some of the reasons for implementing a SIEM solution.

You can't meet governance, compliance and protection requirements without knowing what security events are occurring in your business. Many SMEs are not aware of infiltrations until it is too late. A SIEM solution allows businesses to understand the risks and threats to their environment, to
manage and evaluate these, and put in place suitable responses to protect their digital assets and reduce security risks.


Specialised security consulting companies may quote you tens of thousands of dollars to set up and monitor a SIEM solution, bundled with products or services that you don't need. Blueblood provides a solution with an affordable setup fee and a fixed monthly fee for monitoring and reporting services. We don't sell you products or services that you don't need. 

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The Blueblood SIEM solution provides a solution which collects, monitors, detects, investigates, communicates and reports on potential security threats.

Event data is collected from your
applications and infrastructure. This
data may include data from servers,
routers, web-based systems, Microsoft 365 and other systems.

Potential security threats are detected using pre-built and custom alerts which generate incidents for investigation and reporting. As the cyber security landscape and systems change, Blueblood adds new alerts to the environment to detect new threats.


Dashboards, email alerting, analytics queries and more, are used by Blueblood staff to monitor any potential security threats.

A combination of dashboards,
investigation panels, log data, pre-built and custom analytics queries help us investigate potential security threats.

We liaise with you and your Managed Service Provider or IT support team to assist in the resolution of any security
threats or incidents.

Monthly reports allow you to see
trends in security threats and specific incident information. These allow you to assess the security threats that represent the greatest risk to you, and therefore where further action would
provide the most benefit.

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